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Check out a few very short and informative videos about my campaign:

My name is Clyde Vogel and after many prayers and discussions with my
family, I am pleased to announce my candidacy for Precinct 2 Constable here in
Montgomery County. I was born right here in Precinct 2 at the old Conroe
Hospital on South First Street. I have lived in Precinct 2 all of my life. My
beautiful wife Gina, of 22 years and I have chose to raise our family in Precinct 2.
My wife and the good Lord blessed me with two sons, Caleb and Cole Vogel, of
whom I am very proud. Both my sons were brought up in the Conroe ISD public
school system, with my oldest, Caleb, having graduated from Conroe High School
 is now a junior in college. My youngest, Cole, is a junior at
Conroe High School.

When hurricane Harvey decimated our home in 2017 my family and I chose
to rebuild and remain in the area we so deeply love. With help from our church
family at the Ark Church in Conroe and loving community members we were able
to begin restoring our lives. This did nothing but affirm to me everything I believe
is great about the citizenry here in Montgomery County and Precinct 2.

I have worked for the Conroe Police Department for over 17 years.
Through my time with the Conroe Police Department I have worked as a
Patrolman, K9 Officer, Narcotics Detective and Patrol Sergeant. I have been
involved in thousands of criminal investigations, both state and federal, that have
led to countless felony convictions of persons preying on the citizens of
Montgomery County. I have worked with numerous different agencies over the
years from DEA, ATF, Secret Service, Texas Department of Public Safety,
Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office, all Montgomery County Constable
Departments, Houston Police Department, Harris County Sheriff’s Office and
many more to better our community. I know what the spirit of cooperation
between agencies can do for our community. In 2015 I was named employee of
the year for the City of Conroe, for the investigation into the supplier of synthetic
LSD within Montgomery ISD. With the assistance of HPD, my partner & I were
able to arrest the person who was supplying the drugs to students in
Montgomery ISD, so that no more kid’s lives were lost due to this drug. I have also
received two Meritorious Service Awards for my work at the Conroe Police

Department. I currently hold a Master Peace Officer License with over 2400 hours
of continuing education, with almost 100 hours of that being leadership training.
I am a Conservative Republican who staunchly believes in the Constitution
of the United States as well as that of our Great State of Texas. I have dedicated
most of my adult life to protecting the lives and property of the citizens of this
County and have an affinity for educating and protecting the youth of this
Montgomery County as I know they are the future.

I am a member of the Texas Narcotics Officers Association, National Rifle
Association, Texas State Rifle Association, Conroe Police Officer’s Association, Conroe Noon Lions Club and the Conroe FFA booster club. I served as past president for the Conroe Police
Officer’s Association and am currently a board member. I am a past board
member of the Conroe Area Youth Baseball League, a former youth baseball
coach and former member of the Conroe High School Baseball booster club. Prior
to becoming a Conroe Police Officer I worked for 12 years in the private sector.

Having grown up, raised a family and worked in Precinct 2 I have seen the
changes and growth that have come to this area over the past 40 plus years. I
feel strongly that changes need to be made in how elected officials work together
in order to better protect and serve the citizens and youth of this precinct. As
Constable, it will always be my primary function to assure that civil process is
delivered in a timely manner and that the Justice of the Peace’s court is staffed
with the law enforcement personnel that it needs on a regular basis in order to
perform as it should. Along with these essential functions, it will be my duty to
assure that my personnel are assisting all law enforcement agencies within
Precinct 2 as well as within Montgomery County when needed. In these days and
times, with the amount of technology and training in law enforcement, we can no
longer allow calls for assistance in Precinct 2 to be extended when a Deputy
Constable employed by the tax payer is close by and could render service. I feel
that with my background, knowledge, work ethic and determination that I am the
best candidate to move the Precinct 2 Constable’s Office into the future. It is my
belief that we, as Montgomery County Precinct 2 citizens, are better served with all law enforcement agencies and elected officials working together in a joint effort to better our precinct and county. I am asking for your support and vote to see that this becomes a reality. Thank you for your support and God bless.

Clyde Vogel

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